Saturday, January 30, 2010

Watcya want from me

Conclusion : this week is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD..

this week many things happened..some are good and there is also minor part which is bad...

the bad part is a had a conflict with some of my friends..we argued until it almost start a fight
in the end, we PEACE-ED cause i dont wan this misunderstanding to continue any further...

the good thing is i signed up for my school cf camp. i was lucky because i managed to sign up on the closing was actually rejected but in the end, after some help from some friends, they accepted me... so this camp is on march, still gt 2 months..

this week i also went to my 1st basketball training of the year, after training, my legs start to ache and i can feel pain everytime i take a say i rusty alr..

this morning i went to sunday worship, i saw jeremy played the drum..i hope 1 day my drum skills can be used on church, but for now its still need some training..haha..and today message was great..

thats all for this post...nothing to blog anymore..sad...

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