Monday, January 4, 2010

4D..Damn is my 1st day of school of the year 2010..i am finally embracing another stage of live...i woke up at 6.30 today, super tired..then i change to my uniform which is double my size, this make me very uncomfortable for the whole day...

1st thing we do at school is assembly...its was very usual, pn.Ang tell us some we-already-know school rules..and then its class distributing time...1st was the form we, the form 4 jz chit-chat the whole while...after that is us, all of us pray that we don't get into 4C,which is Pn.Maziha class. even when her name is mentioned, everyone boo-ed...

i was placed in D class, my class teacher is the very self-admiring teacher, classmates are quite good but so far no leng lui..its was self-introduction...after that we continued our P & P..i slept through Biologi today cause its very boring..

thats all for my 1st day..i hope the rest of the year will be awesome...God bless..

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