Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas must be something more

somehow, i lost the will to blog anymore, recently my daily schedule is filled with homeworks and activities that i lost the mood to blog. and everytime i turned on the computer, temptation will overcome me and soon i will be in a HON game.

couple of events happened since the last time i blog-ed..recently, i went an outing with a group of friends for a steamboat buffet near Sunway. we ended up eating more chicken than steamboat stuffs. Our tables are fulled of chicken bones, everyone averaged 15 chicken..after 2 hours of buffet-ing, we went to have a walk in sunway, we are very undecisive, we talked about what to do next for 30 mins and we decided to go to Taipan to Yumcha...some people went there to SHisha, mostly went for shisha but some avoided it and played pool...after that, around 12 oclock, everyone went home..

today i got scolded by chemistry teacher, 2 times, 1st time was because i was quiet, the 2nd time because i was too noisy, i don't understand teacher, does every thing have to go according to their liking, what about out rights? this kind of teacher are the ones that leave a bad impression among students..

later going to school for basketball school team auditoin, i know i won't be picked because i gain some weight/stopped playing for few months/never attend training for few months, but i still gt to go because Me, Jeffrey Chong, after consideration for quite some time, have been given a post by the responsible teacher of SMK Seafield Basketball Club, i pledge to serve as the AJK Kebersihan of the Smk Seafield, i must attend every activity the club has..starting to regret it though..

so many projects/assignments/homeworks/chores waiting for ciao...

P/s: Taylor swift won Grammy..ROCK!!!

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