Saturday, January 9, 2010

What an awesome week!!!!

The 1st week of school was not as bad as i expected...actually,it turns out to be quite fun..i meet new and noisy friends like Charles, Kok Weng., and the one black dude,PARAN NAIDU..

as most of form 4 knows..Friday was whack jeffrey started when kwong jen created the Anti-Jeffrey group on hand ended up blue black(see below)..but it was for entertainment purpouse so i don't really mind.

This Saturday, i went for band practise..since i quit it and now decided to rejoin again..i have to start from the basics AGAIN..i have to stand under the sun learning how to match(although i alr know the technique) instead of playing the instruments with other band i am a sad man...i must be persistent if i wan to reclaim my SENIOR title...haha

THis Sunday i also went to the church for the 1st time of the year...i want to be commited this year, dun wan like last year slumber only, got mood then go, no mood stay at home gaming..this is not what a christian should be...

next week all my tution more time to play computer like i use to now...haha..i guess this is all done for my future...


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