Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great Escape-boys like girls

the many craps up there signifies that i am in a very bad situation...
i just finished my march exam..and this time, i am really screwed..for the 1st time in 16 years, i failed...yes, i failed..and guess who is responsible for that? obviously ADD MATH..its actually not the paper that is hard to answer, its i simply cant find the answer for the questions..want to know why? because i'm still in my after-pmr-no-worries mode..i play play play, eat eat eat,sleep sleep sleep..and when the march exam finally comes, its already too i had to study last minute and this method doesn't show much effectiveness.. this is so bad...all my classmates laughed at me, even teacher called me and some of my friends who failed "a bunch of failures" faults are definitely on me..i should have studied and not listen to my friends whom promised that they will failed with me but in the end can't change reality so i just have to move on and set my priorities right for the next exam...

ok...nothing much happend so far because its exam week...but after exam i went to YUMCHA with friends, most of them shisha, they tempted me but my self-consciousness was strong enough to appose of it...oh-ya, i went youth yesterday and had a bad stomachache, so for the 2 hours spend there, i cant really do much, just sit in my chair and try to reduce the pain to minimum...

March holiday coming..i signed up for my skuls cf camp...too bad gonna miss my class party*emo*.....i just learned to convert emotions and actions into words and symbols..somehow i find it rather gay...

ciao...going to bang bang chiang chiang boom boom

Monday, February 22, 2010


wow..its been quite some time since i last blogged...its because i've been away for the whole chinese new year and my hometown does not have a computer nor a proper internet can't blame the man...

the first half of chinese new year was dreadful.. i went back to my father side and visited my grandma..and guess how much ANg Pau money i received in total during that 5 day period of time....RM24..chinese new year dont happen once a month, it happened once a year, so why do my aunts(father side) have to be such cheapskates..this little amount pissed me off..i dont even wan to greet them anymore..i know some people will tell me that chinese new year is not about the money, but for us youngsters, the money plays an important role..

i went back home and after unpacking everything, i am off to my mother side of family to visit...both side have a big gap between them, my mother side of the family gives ang pau that at least consist of 2 red majority of my ang pau comes from there..and some of them even reached triple digits.. finally..some ang pau worthy of receiving..

after all the family to family visits, i went to my friend house to bai was fun, we gamble the whole day, i guess my luck went to a holiday because i lost around 40 this year playing its ok because in the end it's quite a joy..we went around usj 20 and visit some houses, got some ang pau and continue to the next house..after that i went overnite at a friend house in Kemuning, he kept complaining about his love life, about how she rejected him and how she jz wan to be friends..i jz told him to move on..haha...

thats all...who wants to play league of legend?


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas must be something more

somehow, i lost the will to blog anymore, recently my daily schedule is filled with homeworks and activities that i lost the mood to blog. and everytime i turned on the computer, temptation will overcome me and soon i will be in a HON game.

couple of events happened since the last time i blog-ed..recently, i went an outing with a group of friends for a steamboat buffet near Sunway. we ended up eating more chicken than steamboat stuffs. Our tables are fulled of chicken bones, everyone averaged 15 chicken..after 2 hours of buffet-ing, we went to have a walk in sunway, we are very undecisive, we talked about what to do next for 30 mins and we decided to go to Taipan to Yumcha...some people went there to SHisha, mostly went for shisha but some avoided it and played pool...after that, around 12 oclock, everyone went home..

today i got scolded by chemistry teacher, 2 times, 1st time was because i was quiet, the 2nd time because i was too noisy, i don't understand teacher, does every thing have to go according to their liking, what about out rights? this kind of teacher are the ones that leave a bad impression among students..

later going to school for basketball school team auditoin, i know i won't be picked because i gain some weight/stopped playing for few months/never attend training for few months, but i still gt to go because Me, Jeffrey Chong, after consideration for quite some time, have been given a post by the responsible teacher of SMK Seafield Basketball Club, i pledge to serve as the AJK Kebersihan of the Smk Seafield, i must attend every activity the club has..starting to regret it though..

so many projects/assignments/homeworks/chores waiting for ciao...

P/s: Taylor swift won Grammy..ROCK!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Watcya want from me

Conclusion : this week is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD..

this week many things happened..some are good and there is also minor part which is bad...

the bad part is a had a conflict with some of my friends..we argued until it almost start a fight
in the end, we PEACE-ED cause i dont wan this misunderstanding to continue any further...

the good thing is i signed up for my school cf camp. i was lucky because i managed to sign up on the closing was actually rejected but in the end, after some help from some friends, they accepted me... so this camp is on march, still gt 2 months..

this week i also went to my 1st basketball training of the year, after training, my legs start to ache and i can feel pain everytime i take a say i rusty alr..

this morning i went to sunday worship, i saw jeremy played the drum..i hope 1 day my drum skills can be used on church, but for now its still need some training..haha..and today message was great..

thats all for this post...nothing to blog anymore..sad...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Take it All Hillsong United

my birthday jus passed...though i didn't get any present..but i was satisfied because many friends wished me on that day...i have reached the age of 16 and in a few years, i will be working..damn, i hate to think about the working part..i haven't have enough of my youth yet..there are much things that i have yet not accomplished..sometimes birthday can be a sad day. it signifies that you are older and you got to be more disciplined..i wan to be wild, active and free..i don't to be bonded to daily routine that make lifes boring..i guess this is all life..u can't fight facts..i sound so emo, not because i didn't get any birthday present, it's just that when i think about how fast i am reaching the age of an adult, i fell kinda sad and depressed...

anyway, my birthday was my school's annual merentas desa day, i went to skul in track bottom so that i can enter school compound to take my attendance..after that it's a marathon to the cyber cafe to meet up with my friends..around 20+ friends were at CC that day, all are lifeless people who thinks Dota is better than Doing some outdoor activites including me..i played for 2 hours and went to school for band..Band is getting very boring..all u can do is just sit there and see those seniors play instrument..i want to be part of it too...

after that i went to church for some B.K lesson, in the end i found out there was no lesson that i ended wondering around, drank a cup of bubble tea and when the time finally comes, i went to church for youth.they sang me a birthday song too..

today we had PJK, Form 5 can be Assholes sometimes, just because they are older doesn't mean they can have the court for the whole Pjk, and when they lose a game, they called us a Pussy because we called some fouls..but not all form 5 are assholes..

my primary and secondary school friends, Chen young migrated to Australia due to family business. so Sad..cant see him running non-stop anymore..

1 more thing, 1 of my youth friend's father had passed away..i can't imagine how he feels.. hope god can guide him in the future.

ciao...gotta do my Biology...Cells, they are small but so complicated

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Kill

damn...i am so stressed right now...i still have so many homework undone due to too much many activities for the whole week. cant get a proper afternoon nap anymore like last year..

my class is declared the the noisiest class in the pure science stream...teacher start to we din really do anything bad, we just make alot of unnecessary noise. my class is fun though..i got nothing to blog cause school days are usually very routinizes. everyday almost the same thing..Wake up-go school-come back-tution-sleep...hope i can keep up with my studies and also my activities..

currently learning how to play the song From yesterday..its quite hard for me cause i cant get my body to coordinate properly..but this song is nice..

ciao..homework waiting for

Friday, January 15, 2010

I like to make myself believe, that planet earth turns slowly..

crap..its already been 2 weeks of school and i still can't understand shit about ADD Math..damn so much stress compare to Form 3. now i need to start again by revising everything i learned these 2 daily schedule are so packed..everyday i would at least have 2 activities except friday..this is making me nuts..

another thing is i cant seem to keep myself away from my computer, its like my hormones are acting up each time i try to study..i think i am attracted to my computer..damn, this is so wrong!!
i still got tonnes of homework to do and i'm now still playing with my computer..gosh, some1 help quarantine me...i nid some help...

my class is definitely too noisy..there is too much noise made by me and friends..i think i nid to quiet down abit to focus on my studies...crap...stress and its only the beginning of the year..teacher told us our class is the 2nd noisiest for our form..and the school would have to change a few student from my class..i got the feeling i will be the LUCKY 1..
NO!!! i dun wan to change, i like my class..

2morrow is youth bbq night..i gonna have tonnes of food piling up waiting for me to devouver...haha..gonna get some extra fats 2morrow..ITADAKIMASU

2morrow i gonna go for band..i wan to be commited this year..this is my 2nd last year so i want to live it out as lively as possible..haha...

ciao...need to attend to some serious homework..