Monday, January 25, 2010

Take it All Hillsong United

my birthday jus passed...though i didn't get any present..but i was satisfied because many friends wished me on that day...i have reached the age of 16 and in a few years, i will be working..damn, i hate to think about the working part..i haven't have enough of my youth yet..there are much things that i have yet not accomplished..sometimes birthday can be a sad day. it signifies that you are older and you got to be more disciplined..i wan to be wild, active and free..i don't to be bonded to daily routine that make lifes boring..i guess this is all life..u can't fight facts..i sound so emo, not because i didn't get any birthday present, it's just that when i think about how fast i am reaching the age of an adult, i fell kinda sad and depressed...

anyway, my birthday was my school's annual merentas desa day, i went to skul in track bottom so that i can enter school compound to take my attendance..after that it's a marathon to the cyber cafe to meet up with my friends..around 20+ friends were at CC that day, all are lifeless people who thinks Dota is better than Doing some outdoor activites including me..i played for 2 hours and went to school for band..Band is getting very boring..all u can do is just sit there and see those seniors play instrument..i want to be part of it too...

after that i went to church for some B.K lesson, in the end i found out there was no lesson that i ended wondering around, drank a cup of bubble tea and when the time finally comes, i went to church for youth.they sang me a birthday song too..

today we had PJK, Form 5 can be Assholes sometimes, just because they are older doesn't mean they can have the court for the whole Pjk, and when they lose a game, they called us a Pussy because we called some fouls..but not all form 5 are assholes..

my primary and secondary school friends, Chen young migrated to Australia due to family business. so Sad..cant see him running non-stop anymore..

1 more thing, 1 of my youth friend's father had passed away..i can't imagine how he feels.. hope god can guide him in the future.

ciao...gotta do my Biology...Cells, they are small but so complicated

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