Friday, January 15, 2010

I like to make myself believe, that planet earth turns slowly..

crap..its already been 2 weeks of school and i still can't understand shit about ADD Math..damn so much stress compare to Form 3. now i need to start again by revising everything i learned these 2 daily schedule are so packed..everyday i would at least have 2 activities except friday..this is making me nuts..

another thing is i cant seem to keep myself away from my computer, its like my hormones are acting up each time i try to study..i think i am attracted to my computer..damn, this is so wrong!!
i still got tonnes of homework to do and i'm now still playing with my computer..gosh, some1 help quarantine me...i nid some help...

my class is definitely too noisy..there is too much noise made by me and friends..i think i nid to quiet down abit to focus on my studies...crap...stress and its only the beginning of the year..teacher told us our class is the 2nd noisiest for our form..and the school would have to change a few student from my class..i got the feeling i will be the LUCKY 1..
NO!!! i dun wan to change, i like my class..

2morrow is youth bbq night..i gonna have tonnes of food piling up waiting for me to devouver...haha..gonna get some extra fats 2morrow..ITADAKIMASU

2morrow i gonna go for band..i wan to be commited this year..this is my 2nd last year so i want to live it out as lively as possible..haha...

ciao...need to attend to some serious homework..


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