Wednesday, January 13, 2010

u know u want me, i know u wantcha

today something interesting happened in BIOLOGI class..we make dough with flour and starch..its some experiment concerning the time taken for the dough to increase in group was all pengawas except me and samuel..haha...during the process, some shit happened..i accidentally used the appratus in the wrong way...been scolded,blamed,and forgiven..haha..

i went to chinese today...its was so...chines-ish...everyone speak chinese..haha..i guess this way i can improve my chinese soon zheng come bug me again..damn,he is such a big wimpy coward..his only speak,no action.haiz..i wonder why this kind of people still continue to go to school..they shud stop wasting parents money and straight start working..

SHIT MAN!!! I DUNNO WHAT TO DO FOR HOMEWORK..ok.anyone who see me at school please ask me to shut up during class..thanks..haha..

ok..thats all...thank god for everything

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