Monday, February 22, 2010


wow..its been quite some time since i last blogged...its because i've been away for the whole chinese new year and my hometown does not have a computer nor a proper internet can't blame the man...

the first half of chinese new year was dreadful.. i went back to my father side and visited my grandma..and guess how much ANg Pau money i received in total during that 5 day period of time....RM24..chinese new year dont happen once a month, it happened once a year, so why do my aunts(father side) have to be such cheapskates..this little amount pissed me off..i dont even wan to greet them anymore..i know some people will tell me that chinese new year is not about the money, but for us youngsters, the money plays an important role..

i went back home and after unpacking everything, i am off to my mother side of family to visit...both side have a big gap between them, my mother side of the family gives ang pau that at least consist of 2 red majority of my ang pau comes from there..and some of them even reached triple digits.. finally..some ang pau worthy of receiving..

after all the family to family visits, i went to my friend house to bai was fun, we gamble the whole day, i guess my luck went to a holiday because i lost around 40 this year playing its ok because in the end it's quite a joy..we went around usj 20 and visit some houses, got some ang pau and continue to the next house..after that i went overnite at a friend house in Kemuning, he kept complaining about his love life, about how she rejected him and how she jz wan to be friends..i jz told him to move on..haha...

thats all...who wants to play league of legend?


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